As part of our continued commitment to providing you with secure and efficient web services, we have improved our CMS platform, Nimble.

As part of this plan, in January of 2018, we urged our customers to update their websites. Those that did were extended a 30% project discount on a complete website redesign using responsive web design and were moved to the new platform.

Customers who chose to update their website were moved to the new platform and received a complete website redesign using responsive web design.

To provide the best online experience possible, your website should be responsive. Responsive design is a technique used to create a website that automatically responds to the size of your screen. This means instead of creating different sites for a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, and who knows what else in the future, we create one web experience that adapts to fit whatever device it’s being displayed on.

Additionally, ADA compliance has become a hot topic in web design. If your website is not currently accessible to the hearing and visually impaired, it’s time to think about updating your site for compliance as well as user experience.

I would love to Demo one of our new Nimble 2.0 websites and show you how we can create a new, modern design for your business that is mobile/ tablet-responsive, ADA compliant and that will increase web leads. Please contact Deborah at (229) 584-2013 or to schedule your Demo.

We sincerely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience this necessary action causes you. Thank you for the great relationship we've built over the years and for the opportunity to work on some exciting and rewarding projects.