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Weather and Popup Alerts

Severe weather often affects business hours or regular function of a business and customers need a way of knowing that they should be prepared for this.

A great way to let them know is to post on social media as well as having a popup notification on your website as soon as they visit it.

This is a very easy task to accomplish with just a little piece of code!

The only parts you have to change it what appears in all capitals to the right. Add your message there and once you’re done, copy the entire piece of code from the open and close script tags.

	$(document).ready(function() {

After you have updated your message and copied your script code, login to Admin on your website and click on “Pages” on the left.

Next, locate the page to which you want to add your popup message. Click on the menu button on the right and select “Page Settings.

Scroll down on the right to “Advanced Options” and click to expand this section.

Scroll down in this section to “Header Code” and paste your script code within this text box.

Once added, scroll down and click “Update Page” to save changes.

After Updating the page, it will show yellow as a draft. You will need to publish the page in order for changes to be reflected on the live site. Click on the green button on the right to publish.

After publishing your page with the script in the Header, test your message by visiting the home page, or on whichever page you have added your alert message.