The Art of Great URLs

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The first interaction many users will have with your website is the URL. Great URLs make your website easy to navigate and easier to share with others, while bad URLs can make it harder for users to find your content. Great URLs make users and search engines happy, and happy users equal a happier you!

Nimble CMS makes creating great URLs easy. Every type of page and content can be given its own URL. No longer are you forced to have your directory at /directory or your blog at /blog, instead you can name things sematically like /staff or /news!
Although Nimble CMS URLs are very powerful, with great power comes great responsibility. It is up to you to create great URLs.

Here are our golden rules of great URLs.

Golden Rules

1. Keep it simple but descriptive

URLs should be short enough for the average user to remember and visit without writing it down.

2. Use your words

Avoid using numbers or anything cryptic. Use the keywords you expect users to use when they are trying to find your content using a search engine.

3. URLs should be categorial

Structure your URLs in a way that will make sense to the user. URLs are structured like folders on a computer. If tractors belong in a products folder, the tractors page should be accessable from /products/tractors.

4. Avoid deep nesting

Nesting is when a URL has many folders. This rule tries to keep rule #3 in line. An example of a deep nested url that could be improved is /about-us/blog/news/history/company/press-releases.

This URL could be improved by removing the nesting, changing it to /press-releases or /news/press-releases.


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