Allow visitors to sign-up for your website. You are in control of how much information the visitor needs to provide in order to register.


Generate reports of your registered users. This can be useful when you need to import a list of email addresses into your favorite email campaign service. The possibilities are endless because the data is in your hands.

Account Management

Registered users can manage their account on your website so their information is always up-to-date.

Password Resets

Administrators and users alike can easily request to reset their password, if forgotten. After filling out a form, a unique, one-time use link will be sent to the email address associated with their account where they can set their new password.


Page Builder

Changing the layout of the pages on your website is simply awesome using our page builder.


You have complete control over the URL of each page on your website. SEO enthusiasts rejoice!

Private Pages

Some pages should not be available to the public; make them private!

Control over CSS and JavaScript

Add your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript to pages, if you like.



Insert images, insert links, make this bold, make that a header... you get the idea. All of the features you would expect from a word processor, and for the advanced users out there, the ability to directly edit the source code.

Content Drafting and Revisions

Create and manage drafts for your content so you can make changes without affecting live website. Drafting can also act as a versioning system. This allows you to publish old versions of your content at any time.


Setup publish and expiration dates for your content so it is automatically added or removed from your website.


Granular Access Control

Setup roles that give as much or as limited access to staff members to make changes to your website as you want.

Easy Management

Easily create new roles or remove old ones. Easily assign or remove a role from a user. Easily change what access an existing role gives to a user. It really is just... easy.

Nimble CMS stands out with its User Registration feature, allowing visitors to easily sign up for your website. With advanced User Reporting, you can integrate seamlessly with your Email Campaign services, leveraging the data you collect. Nimble CMS excels in Account Management, ensuring user information remains up-to-date, and includes a user-friendly process for Password Resets. The Page Builder is a highlight, offering customizable layouts and SEO Optimization, along with the ability to create Private Web Pages. For those who prefer a tailored approach, Nimble CMS offers CSS Customization and JavaScript Integration. Content creation is a breeze with the WYSIWYG Editor, and Content Drafting and Revisions are made simple, allowing for effective scheduling and publication of content. Nimble CMS’s Granular Access Control ensures you can set up various roles, providing specific website access permissions, making Role Management easy and efficient. Overall, Nimble CMS streamlines Easy Website Management, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create and manage a dynamic and interactive website.