The Process


We will meet with you to give us a better understanding of your business, your needs and your goals. Together, we will develop a strategy for your website. As we move further into the design and development process, the strategy we develop here will evolve and change, but this gives everyone involved a great starting point.


Depending on your specific needs, the design phase can involve a complete re-branding or a simple refresh of a well-established look and feel that you already have. You will be in direct contact with our design team, who will provide iterations of design proofs for you to review and give your valuable feedback on.


After final approval of your design, our team will begin the development and implementation phase, making your new website design a reality. During this phase, you will have access to our demo environment where you will be able to start entering content, uploading images and documents, structuring your website’s navigation and generally preparing your website for it’s launch.


When you’re ready, we will work together to schedule a date to launch your new website into production!

At Nimble CMS, our Website Planning phase is crucial for understanding your business and crafting a bespoke Business Strategy Development plan. In the Website Design stage, whether it's a complete re-branding or a simple refresh, our team ensures that your brand's essence is captured. We prioritize Design Feedback, enabling you to collaborate directly with our designers. Moving to Website Development, our team brings your vision to life, providing a Demo Environment for hands-on content management and Image Uploads. This process ensures a streamlined Website Navigation structure, prepping your site for its big reveal. The final Website Launch is meticulously planned, transitioning your site smoothly into production. Our Secure Website Creation approach means every aspect of your site, from Custom Web Solutions to the User-Friendly CMS, is built with security and functionality in mind. Project Collaboration is at the heart of our process, ensuring Design Approvals and Development Process transparency. As we guide your project to Website Production, Nimble CMS Process becomes a testament to efficient Web Project Management.