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Creating a Directory

A directory is an easy way to organize your employees inforamtion so that it is easily accessible, either to you or their clients.

Let's start making your first directory by navigating the Directory Manager by clicking the Directory button under the "Modules" section under the explore tab.

Within the Directory Manager, you may create new directory listings. One directory listing corresponds to one employee. Click the "New Listing" button under the "Directory Manager" header to begin your first listing.

In the "New Listing" section, you can enter in all relevant information of your employee. This includes their basic demographics, their education history, and any awards and publications they may have, among many other things.

Once you have multiple listings in your directory, you can add a directory widget to any page you choose. This will allow your users to browse your directory while on that page. This process is thoroughly detailed on the “Page Builder” page under the “Creating a Directory” section.