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Embedding a YouTube Video

Embedding YouTube videos on your site is a great way to boost SEO for your website.

Any YouTube, Vimeo or other professionally hosted video can be embedded on your Nimble website. We recommend using YouTube as that is the platform which is supported within Nimble 2.0. It allows you to paste in either the embed code or simply the video URL.

First, navigate to the video which you want to embed on your website.

Under the video you’ll see the title of the video, along with the profile image for the channel and channel name.

Under that you will see a series of buttons:

Click on “Share” to display more options.

The default tab is “Share,” click on the second tab, “Embed.”

This will display a default Embed code for the video along with a preview of the video.

We recommend UN-CHECKING the “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” box as this will prevent any unwanted content from appearing after your video. Instead, the video will show your thumbnail image after it has finished playing.

You can leave “Show player controls” and “Show video title and player actions” selected, just as options appear in the image on the left.

Once you have un-checked the “Show suggested videos” option, you can click to select the embed code in the text box above the video preview and right-click and select “Copy”, or Ctrl+C (Windows) Command+C (MAC) to copy the code.

Next, go to the content where you want to embed the YouTube video. In the text editor options on the “Insert” tab you’ll see a red button with a play icon in the center. This is the “Embed YouTube Video” button, click on it.

A popup box will appear. You will see that you can paste the embed code in the first text box, OR you can paste the YouTube Video URL if you do not have the Embed code.

If “Show suggested videos at the video’s end” is selected, de-select it here. You can also set the video to begin at a certain point if you want to begin at a specific time in the video. After you have updated these settings, click “OK.”

Once you click “OK” your video is now embedded and will show a preview within the content item. By default, videos are set to responsive sizing (100% width) to adapt to mobile devices.

To delete/remove a YouTube video from a content item, simply click to place your cursor before the video and hit “Delete” on your keyboard until the video disappears.