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Creating a Navigation Widget

Navigation widgets are an easy way to organize interrelated pages.

First, lets start by making our way to the Navigation Manager. Click on "Navigation" under the "Page Management" section of the explore tab. This brings you to the Navigation Manager. The Navigation Manager is where you create your new navigation widgets, as well as modify your existing widgets.

Let's go ahead and create your first navigation widget. Click on the "New Navigation" button under the Navigation Manager heading.

Input the information, that is requested. However, only a title, a description, and the type of navigation are required to create your navigation widget. The navigation manager does not need a CSS Class to create your navigation.

Once you are back to the Navigation Manager, click on the blue "Builder button" to the right of your new navigation.

The builder will allow you to choose from existing pages to create your navigation. On the left side, under the pages tab, click the green "Add to Navigation" button for each page you want in this specific navigation.

You can reorder the pages in your navigation simply by dragging the pages where you want them to go under the Navigation tab.

Once you are happy with your new navigation widget, you can begin adding it to your pages!