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Creating Content Items

Content is what allows you to convey your information to your users. This is where the majority of your information will go.

Creating content items is fairly simple. First, click on the "Content" button under the "Content Managment" section of the Exlplore tab. This will bring you to the content manager.

From the content manager, you can create new content items, as well as modify pre-existing items. For now, lets create your first content item. Click the "New Content" button under the "Content Manager" header.

From here, you can name this particular content item, as well as add the information that is specific to this item. Make sure this section is filled with rich information pertaining to the page, as this is what your users will be reading.

The content manager needs both a description and a title in order to create the item.

After you have created your content item, you are free to add it to any page that you wish.