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How to Create a Calendar

Creating a Calendar is a good way to organize all your events and display them to those who need to see them.

You can start to make your first calendar by navigating to the Calendar Manager. Click on the "Calendar" button under that "Modules" section of the Explore tab.

Once in the Calendar Manager, you may proceed to create a new calendar by clicking on the "New Calendar" button under the "Calendar Manager" heading.

All that is needed to create your new calendar is a name. Give it a name and then press the blue "Create Calendar" button to finish your first calendar!

Creating Calendar Events

After creating your first calendar, you'll probalby want to add some events. Let's start by clicking on the calendar that you would like to add the event to.

Once you've selected the correct calendar, just click on the day that your event will take place on. This will bring up the New Event Manager. From here, you can enter all relevant informaion that pertains to this event. Click the blue "Create Event" button when you are done.

You may create as many calendars as are relevant to that specific calendar, as well as create other calendars all with their own events!

Inforamtion for adding calendar widgets to pages can be found in the "Page Builder" help document.